Cortec has more than thirty years of experience in the consultancy market and the Communication and Information Technology sector. Our focus is the customer, and we rely on strong partnerships with reference suppliers to deliver excellent service. 30 Years in the Market About Us Contact Us Information. Communication. Security. Connectivity. Mobility. Networks. Data analytics. Integrated solutions to improve communication, IT systems, and infrastructure for companies, business, retail, healthcare area, hotel business, among others.
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Our consultancy and project management services provide analysis, counselling, and complete monitoring of the project in its different implementation stages, from the initial planning to the implementation and final verification.
Consultancy and
Project Management
Consultancy Project Management
Online Help desk. On-site support. Installation. Maintenance. Management and monitoring. We provide technical support round-the-clock and seven days a week with several modalities adjusted to your needs.
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30 Years in the Market

Cortec has more than thirty years of experience in the consultancy market and the Communication and Information Technology sector. Our focus is the customer, and we rely on strong partnerships with reference suppliers to deliver excellent service.






Sistemas de comunicação e serviços IT

Communications Systems and IT services

Cortec is the ideal partner to implement communication systems and IT services. We merge information technology, communication, network security, data protection, and data analytics in an integrated manner and with a 360º approach. Our solutions are technologically advanced and perfectly suitable for different business areas.

We add value to your company. We recommend new working tools or improve the existing ones. Our goal is to improve companies’ relationships with their customers, partners and suppliers, and the interaction between employees.

We adapt every solution to the customers’ needs in a customised manner to respond to future challenges and enhance your business management ability.

Communication Systems

Communication systems and connectivity deal with voice, data, image and video in a single unified solution. Cortec develops and implements solutions that aim to enhance the productivity of your employees and reduce physical distance. A better wireless connection improves mobility in several market sectors, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

Unified Communications & Contact Center

Unified Communications & Contact Center

Wireless Team Communications

Wireless Team Communications

Professional Telephones and Smart TV Hospitality

Professional Telephones and Smart TV Hospitality

Networking | Wired & Wireless

Networking | Wired & Wireless

Network Security

Network Security

Backup & Restore

Backup & Restore


Network systems are increasingly urgent in every business area. As cybercrime expands, it is even more urgent to protect data, using network security and backup and restore. Cortec has an experienced and highly skilled team to build and implement these projects, in the Information and communication technology areas, in an integrated way and for several business sectors.

Security Systems

Security systems have two primary purposes: to enhance your security through CCTV mechanisms and access control and provide a differentiated experience to its users/customers. At the same time, IoT (Internet of Things) solutions emerge as excellent means of analysis and information management, turning machines and equipment into smart and interlinked devices.

Access Control

Access Control

IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

Data Analytics Solutions

Data Analytics Solutions are at the forefront of information technology. They produce extremely important data that enable business analysis and strategic decisions.
Cortec is your reliable partner for communication systems and IT services, turning WIFI into a technological ally for security and a valuable strategic element for sales and campaigns.

WiFi Analytics & Direct Marketing Tools
Video Analytics
Soluções de data analytics

Consultancy and project
management services

Our Consultancy and project management services assist in the analysis, implementation and support. These services intend to observe and advise on the execution of the project, with a full follow-up until its completion.

Assistência e suporte técnico

Backup and technical support

We combine several services to ensure a swift and efficient backup and technical support, always searching for the most suitable solution to tackle the different needs of each type of business.

Technical Support

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Serviços de consultoria e gestão de projeto


Communication System
and IT services

We provide technological solutions to develop your business at the following levels: infrastructure, communication, connectivity, mobility, service, management and security of people and data.