WiFi analytics and
Direct Marketing Tools

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With Wi-Fi Analytics technological solutions and direct marketing tools, it is possible to manage the Wi-Fi network. It enables data analysis and offers secure information, knowledge about the public and new advertising formats to attract new customers.

Cortec is your high-tech partner, so Wi-Fi can be a useful business tool to know and engage customers, provide valuable insights about your activity, and monetise your investment on a Wi-Fi network. We are experts in technological solutions which enable you to expand your business or diversify your market segments.

Wifi analytics e ferramentas de direct marketing
Vantagens wifi analytics e ferramentas de direct marketing

Benefits of WiFi Analytics and Direct Marketing Tools

The benefits of WiFi analytics and Direct Marketing Tools are connected to data analysis which, besides providing secure information, enable, according to GPRD, a better knowledge of people who attend your hotel, store or company, using a captive portal.

Captive portal

The Captive Portal is a page where the user accepts the terms and conditions of use of the Wi-FI network and provides data to log in and access this network. With such resources, it is possible to create and develop campaigns based on behavioural data, which will have better results because they are completely suitable for your public.

Captive portal

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