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The Backup and Restore prevents your business from losing information that is critical for your daily work.

Nowadays, many businesses depend on data access. In case there is a fault or error in the servers, and you are unable to access information, your company may find itself in a difficult situation in terms of production and management, and situations of permanent data loss may still occur. A properly planned and timely data backup ensures that data loss is minimal.

Cortec can, with simple management, assist in recovering and replicating this information. Get the best data protection system with security solutions. Backup and restore and data replication work better when used together, regardless of the business area.

Vantagens da replicação de dados

Benefits of data replication

There are countless benefits for data replication since it is about keeping a duplicated database and ongoing sync. Replicated databases are used as “failovers”. This means that, if a database is unavailable, the replicated database, with its most recent data, will be activated, enabling the machines that depend on the inactive database to continue working.

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