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Unified communications provide communication and mobility solutions. They gather and connect all forms of interaction, between employees, in the course of their duties: e-mail, telephone, fax, instant messenger, conference call and web collab, among others.

Nowadays, many companies and business areas depend on the performance of their communications, as they are increasingly digital and technologically evolved. Thus, all employees must remain connected to each other and also to customers and partners.

Enhance your business’ productivity and facilitate the connection with a multifunctional platform of unified communications. At Cortec, we develop and implement communication solutions, connectivity and mobility for the hotel business and tourism, health and well-being, retail and business areas, and companies from varied sectors.

Comunicações unificadas
O que oferecem as comunicações unificadas?

What do unified communications provide?

Capacities from 8 to 2000 extensions;

“Click to Call” from any app or browser;

100% IP telephony or hybrid (IP, digital and analogical);

Traditional Telephone terminal (wired and wireless), Web browser or APP (iOS & Android);

Call recording;

Audio and video conferences;

Instant messenger;


Phone records;

Call answering and automatic processing;

Integration with external applications (ERP & CRM) and directories (Exchange ou LDAP).

Contact Center

Voice, text, e-mail and video in converging networks;

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM);

Business Apps;

IP networks and voice apps based on IP;

Integration with ERP/CRM – Automatic Pop up of information sheets, “Click to Call”;

Automatic call back of missed calls and contact requests;

E-mail distribution, Web-Based Chat & Call me Back, Facebook & Twitter Chat;

Fixed and mobile call recording solutions;

Simplified management for a centralised call centre management;

Information Reports.

Contact Center

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