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Access Control enhances the usability, experience and security for any business, in addition to supervision and surveillance by the users. Hardware and software can be connected to wireless networks. It is efficient, easy to use and install.

We install the access control systems through three platforms: Licensing of ProAccess Software, “Cloud” and Bluetooth – “APP”.

At Cortec, we analyse and implement solutions that can further contribute to the reality of each type of business, considering the specificities and real needs of each market.

Controlo de Acessos

Access Control for several businesses sectors

We have access controls available for several business sectors. Platform XS4 offers a wide range of the most comprehensive and versatile products, enabling access control for several markets:

Buildings and offices, stores and all kinds of companies;

Hospitals and health organisations;

Public Institutions;


Hotel Business and Tourism;


Benefits of electronic locks

The benefits of the technology applied to electronic locks, in the interests of users’ security and comfort, have the following advantages:

Smart Access Control;

Supervision and control by users;

Simplified management in operation control;

Real-time security;

Automated tasks;

Easy maintenance, with agility and speed at check-in and check-out for several markets.

Vantagens das fechaduras eletrónicas
Gestão e controlo de acessos

Management and Access Control

With the virtual network SALTO (SVN), it is possible to manage and control access, securely and flexibly. This solution enables electronic locks to read, receive and record information, through a data system, on a card with advanced reading capabilities / RFID recording.

With a smart card and an “offline” autonomous door, it is possible to restrict and permit access to chosen areas, recording data and transmit the information to the server.

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