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Networking solutions emerge from the connection and gathering of information systems and information technologies. IT platforms, data, voice and image, in an infrastructure that connects communication servers, information systems, terminals and devices, transparently and effectively.

At Cortec, we have an experienced and highly skilled team to build and fully implement these projects, in an integrated way and for various business sectors. These projects range from the installation of power grids to backstage, plugs, and fixing several devices, in the field of ICT.

Our certified and experienced team assesses and proposes suitable solutions to different modalities and business realities. We monitor the implementation stage, as well as the posterior support, always keeping in mind the security, reliability and quality of this global solution.

Soluções networking

Networking Solutions

Devices and networking solutions are increasingly based on state-of-the-art technology. We ensure an optimal connectivity experience to the user, reducing the time spent on network management, using our partners’ products: Wi-Fi, Switches, IoT, LTE, software and SaaS. If you need higher speed, choose the 802.11 ax pattern to give your company a higher density of mobile devices, IoT and video streaming apps, as well as new business services.

Better WIFI performance in mesh 802.11ax. This is the most recent wireless Wi-Fi IEEE standard, which enables simultaneous transmission of up to 8 streams, increasing the effective average throughput for different users by 4 times;

Wired and wireless multigigabit accesses;

Ability to be used by several users since it enables up to 8 devices, transmitting simultaneously, using a dedicated channel for each device;

Up to 32 x 40/100 GbE doors by switch;

Switch Stacking, up to 12 units and 10 Km distance;

Up to 8 x 100 GbE doors and 1.6 Tbps bandwidth of Stacking by Switch;

PoE feed up to 90w, by door (PoE/PoE+/PoH (90W);

Switching Capacity up to 6,4 Tbps;

Forwarding Capacity up to 2,0 Bpps;

Centralised management of all Switching and WiFi networks on the cloud (or Private Cloud).

Benefits of networking solutions

The products of our partners have been projected to enhance users, employees, customers or guests experience. The recent 802.11 ax pattern provides higher speeds and achieves new features:

Vantagens das soluções networking

TI / IoT Convergence and smart installations on buildings;

Real-time app support for level video collaboration and augmented or virtual reality;

Safe Wi-Fi within the company and open networks;

Connected devices provide greater insights, better interpretation and strategic use of data;

Awareness of the target audience, enabling customised actions and a better customer experience;

Real-time location and information services;

Security solutions with IP cameras, tracking and customised analysis;

Cost reduction, enabling the increase of productivity and new business models.

O que oferecem as Redes SMART Wi-Fi?

What do SMART Wi-Fi networks offer?

Networks from 1 up to 30.000 Hotspots (max. 450.000 users);

1024 users by Hotspot;

Cloud, Hardware and Virtualised Controllers (Single & Cluster Mode);

Use and monitoring Reports Robust and Settable;

Easy Onboarding - Guests, Employees, Hotspot 2.0;

Location and Presence (WiFi & Beacon);

Content control;

Roaming WiFi (hotspot 2.0);

WiFi 6;

IoT Technology.

Which sectors can benefit from networking?

Hotel Business and Tourism;

Trade, retail and distribution;

Goods and Services;

Any corporate sector;

Health and well-being.

Como beneficiar das soluções networking nos vários setores de atividade?

How to benefit from networking solutions in several business sectors?

Accommodation: Better connection with the guests, with a fast and secure Wi-Fi network, which speeds up the check-in/out processes and enables IoT Solutions and Access Control smart systems;

Companies: Automation of processes to speed up the operations in Self-service boxes, instant information about stocks and simplification of invoicing processes;

Stores: Counting the number of visitors through motion sensors (CCTV and Vídeo Analytics)

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