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CCTV systems work as a closed image circuit that transmits to a central recorder. The cameras are placed in specific and strategic places in companies, stores, hotels, hospitals, and other markets. They record and transmit images to a management video system that enables live or deferred viewing.

We offer a wide range of IP products, such as network video recorders (NVRs), Dome PTZ cameras, panoramic cameras, cameras for special uses and a variety of equipment and accessories for network transmission. We provide analogical CCTV networks, IP and Hybrid, Full IP Dome Cameras, Tubular, Rotating, fixed or remotely controlled.

At Cortec, we install and perform the maintenance of information technologies. We are experts in solutions and security systems and work with the best manufacturers to ensure quality products.

Vantagens CCTV

Benefits of CCTV

Recording and Viewing of images on-site, remotely or on the Cloud;

Local, Remote or Cloud Backup;

A local or remote appointment using PC, smartphone and Tablet;

Crowd control and people counting;

Motion, perimetric and intrusion detection;

Number plate reading and people counting;

Integration with vídeo analytics solutions.

Thermal imaging camera

A thermal imaging camera intends to detect fever in individuals, keeping access to crowded places secure. This way, it is possible to ensure a healthy environment for people inside the same building, employees or visitors.

Câmara termográfica
Vantagens da Câmara Termográfica

Benefits of Thermal imaging camera

Avoids physical contact between an employee/visitor and an operator;

Swift and accurate;

Greater efficiency for a flow of people moving rapidly;

Detection Ability up to 30 people simultaneously;

Easy to use and operate: the maximum figure is displayed on the monitor;

Ability to store monitor data of people who may represent a risk;

Flexible solution that can be integrated with a PC/Smartphone;

Real-time monitoring.

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