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Video Analytics includes CCTV security cameras to protect assets and people. This system enables behaviour analysis and counting people within a commercial or corporate space. This resource becomes a technological ally for security and a valuable strategic element for sales and marketing campaigns.

There are countless benefits of video analytics. This solution enables the generation of reports and statistical graphs on the system, facial detection, counting and locating vehicles. It is an added value for locating lost people in public places, for forensic analysis and searches hours of video in minutes and examines theft or robbery in several places. The advanced level of technology searches by colour, direction, velocity and object size.

At Cortec, we install and manage information technologies and video analytic systems in business areas such as hotel business, retail and any type of company.

Vídeo Analytics
Vídeo analytics para deteção facial

Video analytics for facial detection

It is possible to use Video Analytics for facial detection based on Artificial Intelligence. The software looks for faces from a database and compares them to the faces detected on the image to find a correspondence. It also enables real-time facial recognition and image recording, always in strict accordance with GPRD.

Video analytics for smart cities

Video analytics for smart cities enables motion detection and camera vandalism, intrusion, wrong way or passage, abandoned or removed objects, crowds and vehicle and people counting, license plate recognition, and research and summaries of video and accidents.

Vídeo analytics para cidades inteligentes

Video analytics for smart urban transport

Installed on roads or parking lots, provides traffic analysis, being useful to monitor the road traffic, analyse velocities, sizes and types of vehicles, automatic recognition of license plates or intrusion detection and GPS and SIG mapping.

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