Wireless Team

Wireless Team Communications | Communication Systems | Mobility, connectivity and security

Instant Conference solutions are vital for trade, catering, events, and all retail sectors, as they enable clear conversations anywhere in the company, real-time and remotely, with the whole team. Connected teams have better results and increase customer satisfaction.

Instant Conference solutions provide easy and effective communications, smoothly, and hands-free, to simplify the mobility of your employees. With up to 12 hours of autonomy, the headphones enable total connectivity throughout the working day.

At Cortec, we advise, develop, monitor and implement communications, mobility, connectivity and security solutions tailored to the needs of each market.

Vantagens das soluções de Instant Conference

Benefits of Wireless Team Communication Solutions

Employees permanently connected;

Swift, easy and clear communication;

Ability to monitor stock levels;

Direct phone calls answering;

Keeps hands-free, which enable increased mobility;

Ability to add fixed terminals - when customers need help, they can be attended by an employee;

Enhance the security and connectivity within a room - when the team is connected, it is easier to detect and solve occurrences or urgent matters.

Contact us to enhance the productivity and interaction between employees, customers and partners, with Wireless Team Communication Solutions.