Cortec’s Consultancy Services aim to identify and assess problems and recommend differentiated solutions for every customer or improve the existing systems. We ensure full monitoring to facilitate the choices and decisions as to the best options for each sector.

We acknowledge that each market has different needs regarding communication, information organisation, and differentiated security formats. Our added value is to understand each business area as something unique.

With our experience of over 30 years, we can recommend global communication solutions, information, infrastructure and security, based on the most advanced technology. Tailoring case by case, our goal is to find the appropriate resources to optimise and enhance competitiveness, productivity and connectivity.

Serviços de Consultoria

Assessment and advice

Study and development

Implementation and Installation

Monitoring and maintenance

Consultoria e aconselhamento especializado

Expert advice and consultancy

Whatever the IT project, we seek the best technological solutions to achieve the success of our customers. Data network infrastructures are an important part of the proper functioning of an organisation. Therefore, we always recommend expert, customised and technical advice for needs analysis and survey.

We offer wired and wireless network corporate solutions, providing a consistent user experience to our customers, enabling flexibility in the adoption of new technologies, increasing its performance and decreasing operating costs.

Consultancy, implementation and support

Our Consultancy, implementation and support services aim to analyse, counsel and monitor. With our experience and support solutions from reference manufacturers, we offer a full service:

Networks - switching, routing and centralised management;

Wireless - distributed solutions, centralised solutions, analysis and data collection, authentication and security;

Infrastructure management - monitoring and alarming, inventory, asset management, operational support;

Passive - structured cabling in copper or fibre, and EIA/TIA certification.

Consultoria, implementação e suporte

Communications and IT solutions

Cortec is at your disposal to support the following solutions:

With our services, we intend to be reliable partners, monitoring projects before, during and after they are implemented.

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

Project Management

Project Management